Now this is GENIUS! I have not seen anything like this before, it is brilliant. The Voxer group I am part of have been speaking and using it for the past few weeks.  Certainly the driving force behind using this in classrooms for other subjects and of course PE!

The team that invented this is on to a winner!

Basically you use your phone or smart device to scan a class set of cards to give you a class set of data. Each card can be used to answer either a true or false question or a multiple choice question.

The card is similar to a QR code (see below) and is assigned to each student.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.08.01

Depending which way they hold the card will determine their answer.

Then using a smart device (iphone) or downloading the iphone app but using it on an ipad also works. You need to hold the device in portrait mode and while the students are holding the plicker cards the teacher can scan by moving the ipad similiar to taking a panoramic shot using the camera.  The smart device then picks up the answer from the students allowing you to have a quick set of data.

Now the questions you would ask in your class will have to be predetermined on the website before the class.  You can then have data for each student. When I teach my larger classes of 45-55 students, only having 45 minutes with them, it makes it difficult to ask each one a question. This maybe the answer! You can see what each student answered and have a report to check on understanding. I have also seen that instead of a question it could be used to assess participation effort during a lesson, similar to an RPE scale.

This has been a great trail period and will certainly be taking place in my bigger classes for a quick exit ticket at the end of the period.

Here is Coach Pirillo showing  a great tutorial


Listen to Lynn Hefele view on Plickers

Other uses in PE


Check out these videos on how it is being used in other subjects:


You can laminate the cards, I have mine laminated, but make sure you use MATT laminate.

IMG_3326 IMG_3342

What sort of exit tickets do you use?

How do you assess larger groups?

Would you use this in your own practice? If so how?

How do you store your Plicker Cards?

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