Over the past few months there has been a number of new updates for Google Classroom.

In August we had a complete re-vamp of classroom. New features included a new classroom page which enable to have all the classwork in one place. A new grading tool which included a comment bank in which you could save comment feedback (work smarter, not harder!). Also copy a class, really useful if you taught the same class multiple times.

As we all started back at school in September, there was more updates. Teachers could now add materials to the classwork page, easier posting on the stream page and finally teachers could edit the room, subject and section in the settings page.

Then in October the 'To-do' page was restored…students can now see what work they have been assigned and what they have completed. For all Android users, you can now use the 'Randomly Select A Student' feature on your device. Now this only works on your device if you are signed in as the teacher!

On your device open up classroom. Then 'Your Class' then 'People'

In the top right corner, tap student selector (the four squares).

Love that features keep getting added.

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