Google Keep is becoming one of my favourite tools! It can do almost everything and more. Not heard of Keep? Google Keep is basically all your notes in one place and connects to Google Drive. You can include notes, photos, voice and checklists. The app is really quick, simple and great for just making quick notes about literally anything. Here are some ways you could include it in your classroom:

A Revision Checklist

Use Google Keep As A Revision Checklist

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By using the tick-boxes in Google Keep, students and teachers can use this features to show understanding with a topic. 

Class Revision Task

Use @GoogleKeep as a Starter -> Invite Ss -> Repeat Reminder -> Ss get a notification as the lesson starts with a new question! 

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Use as a starter task when students walk into the lesson so students get a notification on their phone with a new question.


Insert Frequently Used Feedback When Grading An Assignment

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Turn A Photo into a Typed Document


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Take a photo of an old worksheet or printed text and let Google Keep Grab the image text.

What ways could you use Keep in your practice? 

I look forward to reading the comments below