Back in February last year I wrote about some of my favourite apps I use in the classroom to help to engage my students when teaching them about the body (Making Anatomy 4D in #Physed Pt. I). The post saw me speak about a number of great apps out there but one that I have used since its launch is the Virtual TEE by Curiscope. I even used it in my keynote at the Asia Pacific Physical Education Conference in Hong Kong in November, 2018. When incorporating technology into the classroom, I feel we should be looking at new ways we can engage students to have a love for learning and this certainly brings learning to life.

Having a few conversations with the team at Curiscope, after their initial launch, they told me the future would see you being able to read your heart rate in real time! NOW THAT WOULD BE COOL! The new update now allows you to do this!!! 

"The Virtuali-Tee app now measures your heart rate allowing you to visualise your heart beating live in AR!"

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Check Out The New Update In This Video

Resting Vs Exercise

So if you have one of these t-shirts, the update will be available next week, if not, you can get yours by clicking the link here.


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