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 Mrs Cliffe 

​Director of Learning for Physical Education


"Adam was fantastic to work with and showed my dept lots of new ideas and techniques to improve their confidence when using mobile devices and technology in lessons.
They all went away buzzing with new ideas for lessons and excited to try the new things they had tried out.The session was really enjoyable and I would highly recommend booking one as my team got so much out of it."

 Mr Doughty 

 PE Teacher 


"It’s given me the confidence to go out and try something new in the classroom.There’s no question that Mr Adam has re-ignited by desire to become a massive #PEGeek and to share best practice in my department and local PE association. Genuinely the best course I’ve been on and one I’d highly recommend my colleagues, not only in PE, to attend."

 Scott Hooper 

 Head of Sport 


"Adams session was brilliant and has given everybody so many take away ideas to help support us within our teaching. I personally feel more confident and am excited to learn more from Adam in the future. He is a fantastic advocate for our subject and has so much passion to help teachers develop themselves within technology.

I would thoroughly recommend."

 Participants Feedback From Previous Sessions 



"Best PE specific PD day ever"
"Excellent workshop for anyone looking to introduce practical ways of introducing technology into PE lessons."
"Fantastic workshop, returned to school re-energised & ready to teach."
"Brilliant for the insight and instructions into the apps that can be used in school setting"
"Definitely go, an excellent workshop for PE teachers."
"Fantastic delivery with some really useful and practical examples of ICT integration in P.E."
"I cannot tell you how much your session made a difference in my work and on a professional level."

About the Author

Adam is a physical educator originally from England, but has taught in England, China and Saudi Arabia across all ages. He has presented at a number of conferences across the world sharing his love of physical education and meaningful technology to educators from all subjects, not just PE.

Adam is a Google Certified Educator, Google Innovator, Google Trainer and Apple Teacher! He enjoys using his knowledge by making his life easier, by 'working smarter, not harder'.

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