Heads Up in GCSE

So I had an idea a while ago while playing the game heads up at a party, “how good would it be to create a PE one for revision purposes?”. Never got round to creating it – my million-dollar idea…..GONE! Never mind.

Yesterday, I saw this tweet:

You can now create your own deck – great !!! No million dollar app idea but a change to a traditional revision lesson.

Thanks for sharing @stonybrookpe

So after a quick discussion with @PEBrado, he helped me put a list together of ‘Key’ words that may be used in this game. As the teacher, first download the app here , then purchase the ‘build your own deck’, cost altogether £2. Then, either use your own words or use the list below.

The list of words can be found here: CLICK HERE


If you only have one device – No problem.

Why don’t you have a hot seat at the front, and either the ipad on the students head or project it on the big screen behind the hot seat and get the class to describe the word?


Look forward to hearing how it goes in your classes, let me know.