This week I reached out to a small proportion of my PLN to help me.  Last year I was inspired by this video that @sarahdateechur put together:

It showed the power of Twitter and by being a connected educator how it had improved a number of educators practice including myself.  So later this week I will be doing a session in front of a few hundred people on the power of relationships, and for me being connected is a huge part of that. Being able to share what I am doing and connect with like-minded individuals who are as passionate about their subject as me, is a no-brainer.

If I am honest, when I was first introduced to Twitter I thought it was about following celebs and seeing what they were up to.  Which restaurants they had visited that day, which Starbucks they went to for their favourite coffee.   It was not till about 2013 when @PEwithMike showed me the strength of Twitter and how it could improve my practice.  From that day I have been connecting constantly and have been “connecting the dots” from all around the world, sharing a mutual passion for good teaching and learning.

When I first reached out to my PLN I sent a message to about 50 people, thinking oh, it would be nice if I get ten replies.  I got close to 40 replies all wanting to share their message.  Imagine if I had shared it out to my Twitter followers, I might have had a lot more videos to syphon through!!  I would like to thank the educators that took the time to record these little snippets and I hope you will also spread the message in your department on why it is important to be a connected educator.

Here is a list of everyone that took part:

Evan Godsniff @mrgodsiff
Andy Hair @MrHairPhysEd
Justin Schleider @SchleiderJustin
Dr Ash Casey @DrAshCasey
Kerstin Bender @MsKerstinPE
Sarah G-H @GHSaysRockChalk
Simon Bradbury @PeBrado
Avril Chow @missachow
Lieke Burghout @MrsLieke
Andrew Milne @carmelhealth
Renee Badaracco @MissBsPE
Nick Spencer @PE4Life_Spencer
Jo Bailey @LovePhyEd
Nick Endlich @NicholasEndlich
Artie Kamiya @ArtieKamiya
Osama Abujafar @osama13
William Bode @BodePE
Shahid Jefcoate @shahid_jefcoate
Dr Amanda Stanec @MoveLiveLearn
Scott Hooper @shooper83
Andy Vasily @andyvasily
Reema Kahar @reema_kahar
Toby Sumerfield @TSumerfield
Dominique Dalais @Dalais44
Bonnie Lam @thisiscoachblam
Dr Vicky Goodyear @VGoodyear
Daniel Inman @danielrinman
Nathan Horne @PENathan
Ken Forde @KenForde

Thanks again for everything you do for the #Physed Community.