So about 18 months ago I read a great post from @KenForde about how he had used Collabracam in his lessons (click here).  Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 19.43.06I thought to myself I would love to use that, but at the time did not have the tools at my disposal (lack of devices).  In Ken’s post he shows this example (click here), and I was thinking to myself that this has so many possibilities.

Today was the day I managed to use this app for the first time after purchasing it after reading Ken’s post.  My colleague was teaching her lesson of handball and was coming towards the end when she put them into a game like situation, it suddenly dawned on me that we could try Collabracam out.  Now today was really just to see how it works, but I can see me in the future using this for tactical and game play discussions.  By having multiple angles you can have a better idea of what is happening in the game and discuss decision making.  The current version you can have up to six devices connected as long as they are on the same WIFI connection.  Once set up you will need one device as the controller/producer and set the other devices in the desired positions.  You can give instructions to each camera for example “pan left/right”, pretty sweet.  The magic happens by clicking the camera you want to record from, then at the end you can either have all the single clips saved from the multiple devices, or have one video combine all the clips.  The video below shows the position of the two ipads in my gym (static) and the one ipad that was constantly moving following the play.  The video has NOT been cut at all, everything was done in the app, just music added, and I changed the position of the static devices.




So how could you use this in your own practice?

How could you incorporate this into other subjects around school?