As you all know I am a huge fan of Google forms and if I can find a way to use a form I will. While I was the AD of a school, I would need to collect the data of the students who wished to travel for sporting fixtures. Those that wished to travel, I would need a copy of their passport photo page. I would ask them to fill in the Google Form with all their important details and then either email me or I would tell them to upload via GoFileDrop. Now, this would work great as I would get an email to say someone had dropped a file into the website and then I would file the passport into a folder. It worked!

Back in Oct 2016 Google forms provided an update to allow all this to be done inside of Google Forms. This is a game changer for me and would have enabled me to keep all my student’s files together, their personal information and a copy of their passport. I started to think how else I could have used this? Maybe as a way of students handing in work as the google form would time stamp the submission, with a host of file extensions accepted. Maybe you are asking for a sports leader to join your PE department and they could upload their CV via a Google Form.

How could you use this feature in your department? Love to hear your ideas