Back in October I ran a number of Sport Education Lessons and used all the different Gsuite tools to help to facilitate this. With the new term just around the corner, I thought I would share how I did this and share with you all my resources.

To put it in perspective I had around 60 students and one gym.

Task One:

Give the students an outline of what sport education was and what was expected. To do this I created a Google Slides show and pointed them in the correct direction using a url shortner such as

Check out this video: Click Here
Check out the ConnectedPE Community here for more great resources: CLICK HERE


I decided to use a Google Site to host all the information so all resources were in one place.

Task 2:

Once each group had gone through the presentation, I asked them to go through each job responsibility.

Task 3

Once they had read through the job roles, the captain was asked to come and collect the next task.

Click the different tasks and complete the information to see how each Google Form was structured.

Task 1: Team Identity Form:

Task 2: Players Contract:

Task 3: Pledge of Sportspersonship:

These Google Forms also had autocrat set up, which allowed a pdf to be created with all the information being sent to the Captains email address. More information on autocrat and how to set it up can be found here -> CLICK HERE

I put together a few apps that may help the teams when running the sessions

You may be able to think of more apps that could help your students.

Task 4:

To help with the scoring I published my sheets template on the shared website and could update the scores live via a smart device or laptop. The team names went into the purple box and the scores underneath. The league table would then update automatically once the scores had been entered.

Task 5:

After the teams had finished the round robin stage we went onto a double elimination bracket as seen below. The final team placings from each group were filled out in the yellow boxes and the scores from each game would be filled in the green boxes. Winning teams would move along the bracket automatically so teams could watch the progress of their teams.

For the media team in each group, I decided to collate the photos in a Google Folder that I shared the link with.

The best way I have found to share links over the years is to use a shortner. One that I use a lot as it shortens links and creates QR codes is this one: CLICK HERE

Task 6:

Now all students like certificates so to help me with this process I used autocrat again to generate a number of certificates. The certificate template can be seen below:


Have you tried to incorporate Sport Education Model in your lessons? What methods did you use? Have you tried to incorporate Gsuite to help with the organisation of the model? Look forward to hearing from you.


Would you like a copy of all the templates? Click Here