This week I shared how you could digitise your pdf/word exam papers into a digital exam that would automatically mark the multiple choice questions and let you mark the extended questions. Letting technology do some of the work for you, saving you some time.


Now you have digitised your exam paper how good would it be to differentiate a learning resource to help support individual students take their learning to the next level from the score they get in the exam. Well, you can. Depending on a students score, one of three resources could be sent. This great add-on for forms by @maryelenderwest  allows you to do just that. You create three resources, anything with a URL, for this example I created three docs, Describe, Explain, Analyse the skeleton and created a generic quiz to try out the add – on….watch the video below to see how I got on.

How could you use this in your lessons ?


Learn how to digitise your theory exams into exams that grade themselves.

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