Back in May last year I put a post together outlining some of the Google apps I had been using on a regular basis.  I still use them in my daily practice, and regular readers will know how much I love Autocrat.   This week I was listening to @mrrobbo podcast ,  certainly worth a listen, a list of quality add ons to help you with your workflow.

But more recently I have been looking into other add ons that can help to work smarter, and in today’s post I am going to outline some of these.

Form Recycler 

Ever wanted to just take a few questions from a google form and add them into a new form? Watch the videos below.


Form Values

Do you find yourself typing in the same answers for questions in google forms, for example teachers name?

Check the video out below.


Form Mule

Now this add on has been out for a while and I have only just started using it, @mrfranzworld told me about it and I just never got around to using it.  The past few weeks I have used it multiple times to send personalised emails, but managing to send 250 personalised emails in the space of 30 seconds = game changer ! You can get form mule to send personalised emails from a google sheet, this can be done manually or whenever a new submission is made via google forms.

Check It Out

A great form add on to keep an inventory of uniforms, Ipads, chromebooks or even students!


What is your favourite add on? How does it help you to stay on top of those admin tasks? Look forward to hearing what add ons you use and how they help your practice.