How has technology changed your classroom practice?

@SchleiderJustin recently wrote his #slowchatpe blog aboutHow I Use Social Media in Professional Development Using The Samr Model” but as 21st Century Educators how do we use technology in practice?   Technology is constantly getting smaller, quicker more advanced year on year, but as educators it is essential to keep up with the trends.  Not only to enhance student learning, but to be able to use your time more efficiently to complete those daily tasks. About two weeks ago a grade 12 student shared with me the idea of the Lily Cam and I shared this with the Voxer PE technology group. The possibilities are endless with how this could be used in Physical Education.  You could be watching just one player in a game situation and then discuss positioning and tactical plays.  Lily-camera-with-tracking-device-600x338Or the student maybe refereeing a game and you could discuss their positioning to see a decision, or a decision they did not see!  This could be accompanied with a GoPro camera to see their line of vision when the play is happening.  When I was teaching BTEC Level 3 Sport in the UK, there was a lot of video evidence collected, and this would have helped so much when students watched their own performances to give an self-reflection.

Here is the promotional video for the Lily Camera:

So the same grade 12 student who had introduced the idea of the Lily camera to me, had also mentioned he had a drone. As it was Grade 12s last lesson I had asked him to bring it in to show me. While students played badminton we had the drone hovering above and then could replay the action after. We could discuss doubles spacing, positioning on the court and shot selection. Now this drone cost less than $100 and only has a short flight time and once you have recorded the footage you then have to plug it in to a computer to view.  More expensive advanced drones you can see the footage live on an ipad and have longer flight times.  For the price though, something like this is a great opportunity for students to see a birds eye view of their performance. Below is a little of the footage taken from the drone and my ipad.

Remember technology should only be used to enhance the learning experience for all. As I always say:

“Work smarter, not harder”.


1. What has been your favorite piece of technology in the past five years and why?

2. How has technology changed your classroom practice?

3. What is the most innovative way you have used technology ?

4. Can you share your best resource you have created using technology?

5. If you had one piece of advice for a ‘newbie’ using technology in their program, what would it be?