So recently in elementary PE we have had a Star Wars theme, working on teamwork, with various skills.  As we team teach all lessons nearly, we take it in turns planning the various lessons.  I remember seeing a great article by  about his ‘Robo Tagger’ ( If you have not checked out his website, do so he has some great ideas.  I thought this would go well with the Star Wars theme. I set out to the mall to find a RC car, Pool Noodle and some duck tape.  A little DIY to the car and out came the new addition to the PE department.


That night I was looking for Star Wars music on youtube to use, and stumbled across a video on Drones.  As I was leaving the house this morning I thought how cool would it be if we attached the Go Pro to the Tagger.


Now we could get a ‘Taggers’ view.  I showed this clip to set the tone, and used the scooters to allow the kids to get around. Then saw this idea from@CoachD_Haynes

and a combination of the both proved a great lesson.

 Anyway check out  website and here is a short video of todays action.