The Link to the FORM is : http://goo.gl/Nsd8rH

So You Think You Can Balance? Or do you think yours students can balance?

So this idea came about when two Americans and one Englishman had an idea (  ,  )! How cool would it be to have an international competition/collaboration, and first of all a dance off was mentioned. But that had been done. So what else could we do? I had just finished a balance unit and thought why couldn’t we have a Global Balance competition? Well no winners/losers, but just showcasing as many different types of balances out there.

After using Jarrod Robinson () app ‘Balance It’ App (http://goo.gl/VvaExd) to practice different balances, which we all highly reccommend (well worth the money), we wanted to show some globisation, with people all over the world BALANCING! “How cool would it be if someone who is over 10,000 km away attempting a balance that I had submitted?” It started off as a resource for just the three of us, now we would like to share with the PE Community.

So we advise that you start off using MRROBBO’ s app, then the kids get familiar with the different types of balances, and what is included in a good balance etc . (http://goo.gl/VvaExd)

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.33.09 Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.33.20

Then get the students to attempt the google form.  It includes a quick dance warm up, followed by a series of balances, individual, partner, group. Once submitted students will be able to see other schools from around the world who have attempted the different balances from the different pins on a map. http://goo.gl/M8rUqt

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 14.28.55

We would like to have a collection of balances for everyone to have a go at, individual, partner, group, and add them to this resource. Students can either do this using smart devices, or complete as a class task by connecting to the projector.

The Link to the FORM is : http://goo.gl/Nsd8rH

So if you would like a balance added please post the picture to twitter using the #soyouthinkyoucanbalance , and we can add it to the resource. If you would like the kids to get recognition, just either DM me on twitter or post it with the original picture.

Would like to thank students at:

Dover Elementary School
Springfield Elementary School

for providing the original balances.
Happy Balancing